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Heritage Press Publications is an independent print-on-demand publisher. We’re interested in helping you get your book to market and to that end, we have a variety of services to offer you for your writing and publishing needs.

Heritage Press is considered a hybrid publisher. We provide the elements of traditional publishing (editing, layout and design) that sets the traditional publishing houses apart, while at the same time allowing you to retain control not only of the content of your book, but the look of it as well. With the advent of print-on-demand, you’re in charge of your book’s destiny. There’s no more waiting on a traditional publisher to accept or reject your manuscript. Use your book to leverage your sales in a business environment, to help others with problems they may face, to provide a ministry aid, or simply to bring pleasure and a story well told.

Who We Are We have assembled a team of talented proofreaders, editors, and layout and design personnel. If you feel that you and your book are a fit for the Heritage Press Publications family, please contact us to get started.
Our Mission We want to help talented writers live their dreams of being published authors! It takes commitment, dedication, and hard work from everyone involved in the process and we are dedicated to everyone’s success. We want authors who are as motivated and committed to excellence as we strive to be.

How We Began
Established in 2011, Heritage Press Publications began printing books for the preparedness and back-to-basics community. 2013 is the year that we’ve decided to begin branching out into other areas. We want to help you publish your book in any genre, but we feel that glorifying God in all we do is our first order of business. We don’t accept for publication books with themes that deal in the occult, pornography, or new age religious themes. Our core values are Judeo-Christian in nature and the books we publish adhere to those core values.

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