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About Bitty-Books™

Bitty-Books™ were created by Heritage Press because our clients needed another avenue of book production and marketing for their services. These pint-sized books pack a lot of information into a small space. Excellent for pre-book marketing launches, conference goody bag fillers, new membership sign ups, ministry outreaches, and a myriad of other ways that promote your business, ministry, or services.


About Heritage Press and the Bitty-Books™ Team

We are an independent publisher of quality non-fiction and fiction. We bring your manuscript to life with professional editing, formatting, and cover design. We bring all the wonderful qualities of traditional publishing to the table, while allowing you to retain total control over your content and message. We charge set fees for our services and book printing, and you retain the rest. There are no “royalties” or percentages with us, and there are definitely no hidden fees.

Hanne Moon is the co-owner of Heritage Press Publications, and works alongside her husband, David. Originally formed to give the preparedness community a place to publish their books, they expanded the business several years ago to include other genres and topics. Bitty-BooksTM are another avenue of service they provide their customers. They operate from a Judeo-Christian worldview and give all thanks for their success to God.

Christine E. Dupre is a professional graphic designer with over 25 years of experience. She specializes in website graphics, printed marketing tools, promotional materials, and logo development. Her artistic talent creates covers that resonate with readers and leave a lasting impression. She resides in Massachusetts and is an Army veteran.


What are Bitty-Books™?

Imagine walking into someone’s home you have never been to. What is the first thing you notice?

The fragrance, right? The fragrance could be pleasant or could be reeking. Either way, the fragrance represents a good or bad first impression.
At Bitty-Books™, we are a breath of fresh air with first impressions. Bitty-Books™ are custom made to your specifications and will never leave our hands for print without your final approval. Your Bitty-Book™ can be as short as 8 pages and as long as 96 pages, filled with your choice of subject matter.

Publishing a Bitty-Book™ has never been so simple, clever, efficient, or inexpensive…and leaves a lasting impression on your readers, your clients, and your potential business partners.

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Why Use Bitty-Books™?

At Bitty-Books™, our customers become our friends. We work one-on-one with our clients to deliver a finished product with traditional publishing quality. Because we believe there is no “one size fits all” solution to publishing needs, each package is tailored to you and your objectives.

With our Bitty-Book™ line, you have a small piece of dynamite filled with quality content and an impressive cover that will make your readers minds explode. With the quality our team places on your books, you can be rest assured that the image you want to portray to your audience is in a class by itself.


Ways to Use Bitty-Books™

Bitty-Books™ can be the difference between presentations that are remembered and ones that are forgotten.

Are you launching a new company, product, service, book idea or concept? Creating a Bitty-Book™ is a premiere marketing asset to spread the word and announce your latest creation to the world.

You can use them:

• At speaker events
• In swag bags as a sponsor
• At tradeshows
• Chapter previews to a larger book
• As ministry resources
• At conferences, speaker events, or even local meet-ups
• Handbook at workshops

Bitty Books are impressive little jewels that make the best marketing tools. These small tokens will be scooped up like diamonds where you go leaving your footprint in the hands of others.


Who purchases Bitty-Books™?

If you are like most people, you have very little time to devote to writing a full-length, full-size book. The idea of a full-length book becomes overwhelming and, eventually, the idea is shelved.

Bitty-Books™ give you the platform to share your message in a smaller format, giving your audience the right amount of information yet leaving them wanting more. We make the process smooth and painless.


Anyone can purchase Bitty-Books™

Many of our clientele include:
• Christian women entrepreneurs
• Business coaches
• Ministry professionals
• Speakers
• Business professionals
• Authors

We make the process of writing a Bitty-Book™ simple, easy, and fun. No chaotic madness of editing, design, publishing, and the inherent costs. We take your big idea and create a smaller bitty-size execution that packs a punch for your audience.


Getting Started

Each order is a custom fit to your publishing needs and goals.

Each Bitty Book is a 3.5 x 5 in size and fits snugly in a pocket, purse, or conveniently carried with you on-the-go.

Prices are based on:

• Number of pages
• Black and white or color interior
• Cover design chosen
• Number of copies desired


Compare and Contrast Cost: Bitty-Books™ vs. Traditional Publishing


Traditional Publishing




Editing @ 2-3 cents a word

25,000 word book averages $750



Custom Cover

And Design – Up to $350 cost

Custom or

Predesigned Cover

Interior Formatting $250 and up

Interior Formatting

Printer Set-Up Fees

No Set-Up Fees

Printer File Creation Fees

No File Creation Fees

No books included in price

Does not include shipping

Includes 500 books

Includes shipping

 Everything is included in your package price for a Bitty Book!!


How to Write a Bitty Book?

Your Bitty-Book™ can be anywhere from 8 to 96 pages, filled with your message. Think of your most popular blog article – turn it into a Bitty-Book™. Take a chapter out of an upcoming book, and use it to market the release. Or perhaps you want your Bitty-Book™ to feature your signature product or service. Here are several examples of ways to use Bitty-Books™:

• Images to tell a story
• Worksheets/Workbook
• Personal Story
• Collection of testimonies
• How To’s
• Book pre-sale teaser

Your Bitty Book can contain any information you desire and our team is ready to format it for you from start to finish.

No IBSNs to worry about.

No file setup and uploading fees.

Simply write your Bitty Book, place your order, we format and print them, and then they arrive at your doorstep.

What could be easier than that?


Contact Us today to bring your Bitty-Book™ idea to life!



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