Books We’ve Edited Or Formatted…

Wait On God (Bronze finalist in the Illumination Book Awards)
Have you ever wanted something so badly that it became an obsession?  For many single women, the desire to be married can become one if not handled properly. Wait on God: What Every Single Woman Should Know to Receive God’s Best! will help you channel those desires in ways that are not only pleasing to God, but that will preserve the intrinsic worth and value that you, as a woman of God, possess. Briana G. Whitaker, with her insightful and on-point style, shares her experiences with dating and waiting on God’s choice for a mate. She presents nine biblical keys to getting in position to receive God’s best by doing things His way.



Rock Bottom Is a Beautiful Place 

Sometimes life tosses a few rocks our way and they bruise us. They bloody our nose or even knock us for a loop, but we’re left standing and we cope. Then there are those times when the rocks of life just avalanche around us. We find ourselves buried, unable to breathe, and seemingly, without hope.

These are the stories of twenty-eight women from all walks of life. Their stories illustrate the humanity that is common to all of us—stories of abandonment, loss, addictions, incest, rape, and so much more. These were not easy stories to write, nor are they easy stories to read.

However, the prayer of all who are involved in this book is that you will be inspired by the very real women who have shared their very real stories. They pray you will see there is victory at Rock Bottom, and that you will be drawn closer to the God who loves passionately, saves recklessly, and heals unconditionally.



Rock Bottom Is a Beautiful Place 2: Living Your Calling

Is your rock bottom leading you to your life purpose and calling?

In this second book of the Rock Bottom series, we meet eleven women who have wandered the deserts of their lives, desperately seeking their purpose and calling from God. These are their testimonies of their very real pains and purposes, their tragedies and turning points.

Rock Bottom looks different for each of us. And the miracles experienced coming out of the pit are in each day, each story, and each woman. The trip from Rock Bottom is not about a final destination, but a journey and a process. The trip is never over and there is never a moment of “arrival.”

But with each story told, another woman feels able to climb out of her own Rock Bottom pit. With each testimony shared, another soul finds the grace, forgiveness, and fulfillment that only God can give.

By sharing their stories of loss, sorrow, illness, and wandering, another woman feels empowered to embark on her own journey to fulfill her passions. Come join us as we walk the path of Rock Bottom.



Rock Bottom Is a Beautiful Place 3: Living With a Grateful Heart

In this third book of the Rock Bottom series, we meet twenty-four women who have learned through the desert places of their lives that God is not only there throughout their deepest pain, but able to turn their ashes into beauty.

Learning to live with a grateful heart through Rock Bottom isn’t easy. Sometimes we can see that we have sidestepped even larger dangers through our Rock Bottom experience. other times, we see where our story is a blessing to others, and we can be grateful that even in spite of our failings, God can use us to draw others to himself.

Come walk with these brave women as they share their stories, their struggles, and their grateful hearts. through their strength and their faith, they show us that we can trust in God’s ultimate goodness and concern for our lives.



Confessions of the Pastor’s Wife

Confessions of the Pastor’s Wife is a three-way conversation between the author, the reader, and God. Containing fifty-two devotionals, one for each week of the year, Confessions of the Pastor’s Wife can be used as a stand-alone devotional guide or a supplement to your daily Bible routine. Not only are the devotionals short, sweet, and to the point, they come with a weekly prayer and Scripture Bytes that you can take with you to chew on throughout the week.

Ideal if you’re looking for encouragement, a greater purpose in life, or a way to experience the love of God more fully, Confessions of the Pastor’sWife will help you realize that God is with you, beside you, guiding and comforting you, throughout your walk with Him.




Living the Obvious: 365 Obvious Daily Lessons to Live as a Faithful Follower

How do you manage to get your gardens to grow so strong?  

It’s really simple…fertilize, water, sun, weed…repeat! Daily! When folks do not put the effort into do this, they wonder why their garden stinks! What’s happened?

Living the Christian life is very similar. It is not always a big, hard, theological task all the time. Mostly, it’s more of the obvious trusting in God for each new day. Using the Bible for guidance, (which is included for each day), you can remember to, “Fertilize, water, sun, and weed your life daily…and then repeat!”

This is what is called Living The Obvious!



Shattered Perspectives

So many of us stand in the broken shards of our shattered dreams and hopes, living with feelings of worthlessness and allowing our past abuses and decisions to define us. We try to tiptoe gingerly through the sharp fragments, only to find ourselves bleeding profusely and dying slowly. 

Author AJ Luck shares the poignancy of her battles with abusive relationships, her desperate search for affirming love, and the dirty little secret that some of today’s modern churches refuse to acknowledge or address—that abusive and destructive family relationships exist in many positions of church leadership throughout our congregations in this country.

From the opening sentence, Shattered Perspectives takes you down the fiery path of one woman’s journey through fear, brokenness, and abuse to emerge on the other side into the loving arms of a Heavenly Father who continues to show her to this day that she is a beloved daughter and more than enough.



Stop Physician Burnout: What to do When Working Harder Isn’t Working

Chart your course from Physician Burnout to Your Ideal Practice using this first comprehensive stress-reduction resource for practicing physicians. You can be a modern doctor and have an extraordinary life when you learn and practice the tools in this book.

Does this feel even remotely familiar?

“I’m not sure I can go on like this for much longer!”

“There is no one I can talk to—no one who would understand!”

“This is crazy…am I crazy?”

Use this book to STOP the downward spiral of physician burnout with field-tested, doctor-approved techniques discovered through thousands of hours of one-on-one coaching with physicians facing career-threatening burnout.