Challenges, Challenges…

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David and Goliath


This website has been undergoing an extensive revamp. I had to sit back and determine how I wanted this business to proceed into the future. As a small publisher, I don’t have the financial resources that larger publishing house have, and that limits what I can do in a traditional publishing sense.


However, I don’t like the “package” paradigm that self-publishing promotes because each book is unique, each author is unique, and each one’s needs and goals are completely different. Some authors want an editor, some want coaching services, some want design and layout, some want marketing help, some want to print their books, and some want a combination of some or all of the above.


I wanted to marry the best of traditional publishing (the quality of the end product that is produced) with the self-determination and control that self-publishing gives its authors. It’s called “partnership publishing,” a term recently coined.


If you come to the website, you won’t see packages. There aren’t any platinum, gold, silver, bronze, or nickel-plated options. With the exception of obtaining a price for a manuscript critique or basic proofread through our online calculator, everything else is discussed by appointment. I’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone with you, going over your needs and goals, what you’re trying to accomplish, and what I can offer you. That way you’re only paying for those services you truly need, not a bunch of fluff that adds nothing to the end product—your book.


Writing is a challenge, and putting a book out there is a really big challenge. And this publishing paradigm I’ve adopted is my next big challenge. I’m a writer and an editor, not a speaker. Yet next week, I’m going to put myself out there in front of an audience to promote my services. People will be watching me. I’m scared to death, but I’m exhilarated at the same time.


Challenges are an opportunity for change, and it’s our choice in how we respond to them (Mark Raines – TEDx 2013). If we run away, we’ll never accomplish anything. We must make the choice to be the David to our life’s Goliath’s and stand firm in the day of battle. Too warmongering? Maybe, but aren’t we constantly in a battle with ourselves, with the self-defeating little voice that always has something to say when we least need to hear it?


How will you respond to your challenge today? Are you trying to start a business? Do you have a book in you that will help promote that business? Have you been hesitant to begin? Don’t let that voice of fear persuade you otherwise… step up and toss that rock at your Goliath’s head.

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