Our Services

Heritage Press Publications can help you through all phases of your writing project. Whether you’re in need of proofreading, light editing, substantial editing, layout and design work, self-publishing, or help in marketing your book, we’re here for you at every step along the way. We are a member of the Christian PEN (Christian Proofreaders and Editors Network), member of Faithwriters, and a member of NACWE (National Organization of Christian Women Entrepreneurs). In addition, Heritage Press is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and Association of Publishers for Special Sales.

Below is a list of our services and what to expect from them. If you’re interested in getting started, please use our “Contact Us” page and let us know how we can help you.


Do you want an editor to go through your non-fiction book and give you an overall critique of the manuscript? This critique will identify weak areas in your writing, the level of errors found in English mechanics, and suggestions for improving your manuscript in terms of structure, coherency, consistency, and organization. You’ll be provided a 1-to-2 page critique that you can easily follow to assess your strength and weaknesses. Click here to obtain your free quote now.


If you only want the mechanics of spelling, punctuation, spacing, and grammar checked in your manuscript before it’s submitted for publication, we can do that. Our standard rate is the same as our manuscript critique service. Simply enter your word count in the box and our online calculator will determine how much your proofreading job will cost.


Editing prices are dependent on the quality of writing, the number of words, and the extensiveness of the edits you want. There is no “one size fits all” editing price and we’ll really need a three-chapter sample to get a feel for your manuscript. Please fill out the questionnaire on the “Contact Us” page and someone from our staff will get with you as soon as possible.


Layout and design prices are another one of those areas that depends on the extensiveness of the services rendered and the number of pages in the manuscript. Please fill out the questionnaire on the “Contact Us” page and someone from our staff will be in touch to discuss your pricing options.


Our self-publishing options range in price, depending what it is you want to do. You may only need an eBook conversion done, or you may want Heritage Press to provide you an extensive array of publishing options. We’ll really need to talk to you to determine your needs, how we feel you can best achieve your goal, your time and budget constraints, and to provide you several options to choose from. Here at Heritage Press we don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” publishing paradigm. We provide services, not packages. Please fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page and someone from our staff will make arrangements to discuss your publishing needs with you.


Are you new to the world of writing? Are you afraid that you may not have what it takes to get your words on paper? Then let us help you with our Write Your Book in 60 Days program! This program will take you from concept to a finished first draft in 60 days.

You’ll receive daily emails to keep you focused and on track with your writing goals. You’ll learn how to assess your audience and their needs, how to narrow the focus and direction of your book so that it’s not out there wandering all over the place, how to share your experiences and expertise in a way that engages your readers, and how to utilize a variety of marketing approaches to get your book out there in front of your intended audience.

You’ll have access to a Facebook room strictly for those enrolled in the 60-day program where you can talk, discuss, and brainstorm with fellow participants. You can ask me questions in the room and I’ll gladly respond to help you through the hurdles.

There will be some short video instructions along the way, and one 30-minute webinar toward the end of the 60 days where we’ll discuss aspects of the book publishing process. This information will be invaluable to you when you take your book to the next level of editing and formatting for publication.

You’ll also receive free guides that we’ve put together, such as How to Outline Your Non-Fiction Book, 5 Grammar Mistakes Writers Make, and 6 Punctuation Mistakes Writers Make. All of these are yours free as a sign-up bonus.

The cost for this course is $97. That’s quite a bargain for book coaching for 60 days! Our next session begins October 1st, 2014, so reserve your spot today! Go to Write Your Book in 60 Days and sign up now!


We offer eReader conversion services to format your book for popular eReader platforms.


Writers seldom plan the path their writing career will take and therefore often find themselves headed in the wrong direction, wandering aimlessly or at a dead end. We keep our finger on the pulse of all things writing to help you determine the goals you want to establish for your writing. You may have the heart of an artist, but you need the mind of an entrepreneur to be successful.