Rock Bottom Is A Beautiful Place 2: Living Your Calling

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Eleven women… eleven stories of triumph… read about the victory to be had in the God who is able to save us from all things!

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In this second book of the Rock Bottom series, we meet eleven women who have wandered the deserts of their lives, desperately seeking their purpose and calling from God. These are their testimonies of their very real pains and purposes, their tragedies and turning points. Rock Bottom looks different for each of us. The miracles experienced coming out of the pit are in each day, each story, and each woman. The trip from Rock Bottom is not about a final destination, but a journey and a process. The trip is never over. There is never a moment of “arrival.” With each story told, another woman feels able to climb out of her own Rock Bottom pit. With each testimony shared, another soul finds the grace, forgiveness, and fulfillment that only God can give. These women sharing their stories of loss, sorrow, illness, and wandering empowers other women to embark on their own journey to fulfill their passions. Come join us as we walk the path of Rock Bottom.


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