Rock Bottom Is A Beautiful Place

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Twenty-eight women…twenty-eight stories of triumph over unimaginable tragedy. Come walk with us along the path of Rock Bottom, and meet the God who can save us amidst any situation we find ourselves in!

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Sometimes life tosses a few rocks our way and they bruise us. They bloody our nose or even knock us for a loop, but we’re left standing and we cope. Then there are those times when the rocks of life just avalanche around us. We find ourselves buried, unable to breathe, and seemingly, without hope.

Diane Cunningham found herself at the bottom of this very pit, familiar with the rocks and boulders that surrounded her… alcoholism, insecurities, fears, and loss. She lived in this pit, buried, day after day. However, it was when she looked up from the bottom that she found the God who heals, saves, and loves. As she began telling about her rock bottom experience, she encountered more and more women who had also suffered rock bottom experiences, and the concept of Rock Bottom Is A Beautiful Place was born.

These are the stories of twenty-eight women from all walks of life. Their stories illustrate the humanity that is common to all of us—stories of abandonment, loss, addictions, incest, rape, and so much more. These were not easy stories to write, nor are they easy stories to read.

However, the prayer of all who are involved in this book is that you will be inspired by the very real women who have shared their very real stories. They pray you will see there is victory at Rock Bottom, and that you will be drawn closer to the God who loves passionately, saves recklessly, and heals unconditionally.

For they have found that God’s light shines its brightest when it shines in the darkest nights of our souls.


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