Shattered Perspectives


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So many of us stand in the broken shards of our shattered dreams and hopes, living with feelings of worthlessness and allowing our past abuses and decisions to define us. We try to tiptoe gingerly through the sharp fragments, only to find ourselves bleeding profusely and dying slowly. Author AJ Luck shares the poignancy of her battles with abusive relationships, her desperate search for affirming love, and the dirty little secret that some of today’s modern churches refuse to acknowledge or address-that abusive and destructive family relationships exist in many positions of church leadership throughout our congregations in this country. From the opening sentence, Shattered Perspectives takes you down the fiery path of one woman’s journey through fear, brokenness, and abuse to emerge on the other side into the loving arms of a Heavenly Father who continues to show her to this day that she is a beloved daughter and more than enough.


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