Why Do You Write?

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Pretty girlWhen I was a full-time writer (as opposed to an editor and publisher), I was convinced I wrote because that was what God had called me to do. It was, after all, my passion. I was compelled to write. I was driven to write. I had thoughts and ideas bubbling up from inside that just had to be put onto paper. I struggled to hone my craft.

I was going to write the greatest novel of all time, one that would be used to bring thousands to faith in God. It was my destiny… I was sure of it.

But God had other plans for me. He closed windows and opened up doors. He showed me that ministry to others could be accomplished in a myriad of ways. He showed me that his ways were certainly not my ways and that his vision was so much more than mine. I began my writing with a narrow focus on one goal–a novel. God showed me a plan that was focused on greater and grander things.

In the end, he asked me if I trusted him to lead me, even if he took me down paths I had never imagined walking. How could I say no to that invitation?

Stop for a moment and consider why you write and consider why you write what you do. You may focus on devotionals, and God may be leading you to expand into fiction. You may have a burning desire to finish a novel, but God is leading you into non-fiction. Be open to the possibilities that are being laid before you. Don’t be in a hurry to casually dismiss a nudge simply because you’ve never imagined yourself in a particular role or writing in a particular genre.

Keep your mind open to the endless possibilities that are part of our walk with God.


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